From Worcester, the Sonomatics, doing garage/surf, but as tight as the Saturday 20 march 76 Gizmos (first e.p.); what HAVE I wrought? “tainted love” sounding like 1976 Gizmos; after I went “yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!”, Tony Kaczynski said “that’s the Kenne Highland stamp of approval!” when I dig ya, I LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!”” – Boston Groupie News 10.25.15

“A foot-stomping drumbeat, accompanied by swinging guitar strums evoking memories of the glory days of surf rock. The Sonomatics recall the loose feeling of primitive rock, with songs as simple and fun as “Caveman,” the lyrics of which are just “Caveman,” and “Woah,” The Sonomatics just want you to get up and dance, bobbing your head in tune with their refined rhythm.” –  The Worcester Telegram 7.30.15