Sunday 3.6.16 @ WCUW – Worcester, MA

(with The Hip Swayers)


Friday 4.1.16 – Details Coming Soon

Friday 4.29.16 @ Beatnik’s – Worcester, MA

(with The Black Souls)


Saturday 5.14.16 @ Ralph’s Rock Diner – Worcester, MA

(with Muck + The Mires, Artie + The Amoebas, and The Pathetics)  – Details here

We have a few other shows in the works.. stay tuned!

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Friday 2.26.16 @ The Tavern – Framingham, MA

(with The Fearless Leaders) – Details here


Friday 1.15.16 @ Beatnik’s – Worcester, MA

(with The Black Souls!)

Saturday 11.21.15 @ The Hotel Vernon – Worcester, MA

(With Captain Cat + Nobles)


Saturday 10.31.15 @ The Upper Deck – Barre, MA

Saturday 10.24.15 @ The Midway Cafe – Jamaica Plain, MA

(with M.O.T.O. + The Black Souls + Apollo Blue)

Friday 10.2.15 @ Beatnik’s – Worcester, MA

Friday 9.4.15 @ Vincent’s – Worcester, MA

(with The Fearless Leaders)

7.31.15 at Beatnik’s in Worcester, MA
(with Erron Geer Band ft. Steve Aquino on guitar)

4.18.15 at Vincent’s Bar in Worcester, MA
(with special guest Jay Holdash of the Fearless Leaders)

2.20.15 at Beatnik’s Bar in Worcester, MA
(with We and Mrs. Jones)

1.03.15 at Sonny’s Tavern in Dover, NH

9.19.14 at Beatnik’s Bar in Worcester, MA
(with The Crybabies)

9.04.14 at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, MA
(with Downbeat5 + the Dogmatics + Classic Ruins + more)

4.12.14 at Sonny’s Tavern in Dover, NH
(with JJ Rassler and the Cuban Heels)