We played two shows over the last week, and the first one at the always awesome Midway Cafe got a terrific review from Kenne Highland at Boston Groupie News.

We had a great time on October 24. We played with some great bands and made some fantastic new friends at the Midway. It was HUGE for us to play there.

All four of us have seen all of our favorite bands there; the bands that all made us want to play music: The Kaisers, the Neanderthals, Los Straitjackets, the Crank-Tones, the Spurs, the Fathoms, Barrence Whitfield and the Monkey Hips, El Vez, Deke Dickerson and the Ecco-Fonics. We’ve been fans in the crowd for years, and the chance to play there was the thrill of a lifetime.

The other bands we played with put on an awesome show. The guys from Appolo Blue knocked us out with their Stevie Ray Vaughn-meets-the-Flat Duo Jets style. The Black Souls are brothers-and-sisters from another mother, to the point that we realized we had the same Illusions cover — “City of People,” a song that made it on one compilation that about nine people ever bought — on our set lists. It was great to actually HEAR it instead of playing it.

And holy shit, M.O.T.O. put on a KILLER set. Loud. In your face. Hilarious.

Sonomatics midway

With acts like that, we figured we were just along for the ride, but Kenne Highland from Boston Groupie News surprised us with this:

From Worcester, the Sonomatics, doing garage/surf, but as tight as the Saturday 20 march 76 Gizmos (first e.p.); what HAVE I wrought? “tainted love” sounding like 1976 Gizmos; after I went “yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!”, Tony Kaczynski said “that’s the Kenne Highland stamp of approval!” when I dig ya, I LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!

We’ll take it! Thanks a million to the Black Souls for inviting us to play, to the folks at the Midway that made us feel so welcome, to Kenne Highland for getting us, and to everybody who came out to see us.

Our next show is Saturday, November 21 at the Hotel Vernon in Worcester. It’s our first time there, so we hope we can pack the room. Come on out!